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“A genuine joy live, Rainy Day Woman’s music is bright, light and effortlessly gorgeous. Hannah and Gabriel pull off something magical every time... A real joy to watch, without fail.” Folkroom Records, London.

Recently signed to Pear O’ Legs records, Americana duo Rainy Day Woman play sparse, unhurried music. Expect rich vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo and mandolin; original songs of desire, betrayal, pub lore and feminist rage. 

‘Rainy Day Woman's recent EP release, "Home" is the equivalent of waking up from a wet and weary February to the sun dancing on the walls of your room. It opens, gentle and tender, with the gentle plucking of strings, and ushers in a story told by lush voices.’ Fem Folk UK

Originally from Exmouth, Devon, Rainy Day Woman are currently based in Bristol. They have self released two EPs, Gallows Green (2018) and Home (2020). Recorded live and acoustic and without effects or affectation, these releases intend to capture the immediacy of making music with people you love.

‘... such skilled young musicians, gentle souls and spirited story tellers...’ Sadie & Jay Music, Brisbane  

Rainy Day Woman have been performing professionally since 2017. Shows include: Birmingham Symphony Hall; the Big Comfy Bookshop (Coventry); Sofar Sounds (London, Birmingham, Bristol) and Folkroom Records events; amongst much else across the UK. In 2019 they were finalists in Purbeck Valley Folk Festival's 'Purbeck Rising' and played their first Australian tour, including a night at Sydney's Humph Hall (footage of this show here).

Waking (below) is an one of 3 home demos the duo released last year. It is available to download here.

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You can find more of their music here.

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