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Little Bird is Rainy Day Woman’s debut single with Pear O’ Legs records. It’s a lonely, searching song about migrating birds and feeling like the tide has left you somewhere you don’t want to be. Tattle O’Day, the B-side, is a surreal traditional children’s song, endlessly mysterious and deeply emotional. If Little Bird is about a mother longing for her child, Tattle voices a child turning to the magical to understand the strange world around them.

A “song that speaks volumes, such a joy to listen to” BBC Radio Bristol

Little Bird on my washing line // Sing a song for that girl of mine. Written on a wet and woolly cliff walk in January 2020, Hannah was imagining a woman who, having fled somewhere unsafe - and after a journey of flimsy boats, violence and unspeakable loss - is now adjusting to a new life in a strange place.

‘The equivalent of waking up from a wet and weary February to the sun dancing on the walls of your room’ Fem Folk UK

Little Bird draws on music from the transatlantic folk canon and the American songbook and storytelling traditions. Andrew Marlin’s Witching Hour and Fable & Fire were on hard rotation around the recording session, and the duo hoped to capture something of their intuition and sense of movement. This allowed the duo to flex new musical muscles, whilst also leaning back into the familiar influences of Bob Dylan and Gillian Welch.

“such a beautiful track… her voice is so beautifully haunting” Barstool music UK

The Bristol-based Americana duo have been playing together for 8 years, using rich vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo and mandolin. In 2019 they were finalists in Purbeck Valley Folk Festival’s ‘Purbeck Rising’ competition and played their first Australian tour, including a night at Sydney's Humph Hall.

“A genuine joy live, Rainy Day Woman’s music is bright, light and effortlessly gorgeous. Hannah and Gabriel pull off something magical every time... A real joy to watch, without fail” Folkroom Records, London

Little Bird

Oh my weary soul
Can’t find no place to go
And I’ve travelled on
the raging sea
10 thousand pounds they
asked of me 
And at the whims of the men in the tall tall seats
Where they’ve cleared all the trees
My fate there lies in the hands
of greed
While in my arms she sleeps
And now on my mountainside
Of a land so strange and quiet
Little bird on my washing line
Sing a song for that girl of mine 
And I see her clear as day
When you chatter to me  
Little children lining quiet 
On the shore or school yard
And one day I’ll swim out
In the vast blue ocean
My time will have come
And she’ll take me with the
setting sun

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